Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Months

Luke, it’s been 10 months since we met you face to face.  Happy birthday my beloved son.

A friend told us early on we could ask Jesus to pass our prayers to you via him.  It’s a thought that gives me hope that you get these notes from us.  So, I start by asking Jesus to pass this birthday note along to you.

I often sit in wonder, and imagine what you are doing right now?  Who are your friends?  Can you walk, run and play?  Some of your friends here are just learning to crawl, and some even are walking.  Who knows, you may still being cuddled and cared for by your great grandmas.  I’m sure they are delighted with you.  Jesus knows each of the prayers they have had for you; long before I even knew your mom.  God says he delights to give his children good gifts.  So, I am certain you are well cared for by many loved ones.

I wonder how cute you would have been for Halloween?  Your mom probably would have picked a Great Pumpkin costume.  We have much fondness for Charlie Brown and his friends.  In picturing it, you would have been very cute.  However, I doubt Halloween is celebrated there.  I wonder if All Saints Day is a big blow out, or if these saints even want the fame? 

I wonder if you can sing out loud, and shout to God the wonder of His name, and tell Him how great He is for He has come for everyone.  Your little voice on your birthday sounded like a sweet song.  It still brings your mom and me to tears.  It plucks our heartstrings as we hear your little voice.  You get that angelic voice from your mom.  She loves to sing out loud, and I love to listen to her.

We get to see your cirrus clouds, and that gives us great joy.  We got to see them high up in the sky over the Husker game.  It brings great joy to our heart to see those glimpses, and reminders of you.  Those clouds are closest to heaven, but you are far closer in our hearts.  Luke, we think of you often.  You are our delight, and truly our beloved son. 

Your dad


  1. I still think of you both often! Thank you for continuing to share your story! May God continue to bless you both!

  2. Love the photo-
    Love the Leimer Family!

  3. Praying for you daily!!!

  4. Love you darn much.