Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Week in the Life- Friday

7:15am:  Rise and Shine!  Lily slept in this morning and greeted us with this smile and showcased again how she is able to somewhat escape from the Miracle Blanket and somehow scooch herself to an angle.

7:17am:  A big stretch to start the day!

8:40am:  All dressed and fed and ready to take on the day!

8:45am: Keeping mom company in the kitchen while she tries to get breakfast ready..

8:50am:  Lily's patience did not last we went off to read some books and try to wind down a little bit...

9:25am:  Lily is napping and I finally got some coffee and some time to glance at emails and blogs

10:10am:  Hanging out with Lily.  Updating her little sleeping log, getting everything ready to start feeding her....and realize why after a few days of anxiously checking the mailbox why my next West Wing DVD still has not arrived....I forgot to mail it back! So bummed!

11:30am:  Looking at a home for sale with Lily, my pal Lauren and her adorable daughter....

12:20pm:  Home again.  Lily is now down for her afternoon nap and I fix myself a special Friday lunch treat! 

3:17pm:  Lily wakes up from her nap!  Her best one all week!  During the three hours while she napped, I made some phone calls, did some laundry, picked up the house, read my book, worked on the blog and chatted with my brother.  While I was happy for Lily that she got a good nap, it also felt so good to get so many things done!

3:20pm:  Ready to be unswaddled!

4pm:  After eating, Lily spent some time in her little gym...

4:15pm:  All strapped in and ready to run some errands...

4:25pm:  At the bank...imagine a very unhappy Lily in the backseat.  She hates going to the bank because it requires a lot of time spent in the car while it is not moving!  I feel like they should have some sort of express lane for moms with little babies...  We then made an emergency trip to the post office so I could mail my West Wing DVD back.  I forgot to take a photo of me dropping it in the blue box, but just imagine the scene along with my very sad face...

4:50pm:  Home again and taking our self portrait for the day.  Lily has only recently started smiling at herself in the mirror.  She usually would look away or start crying, but lately she has been smiling, so that has been a fun change!

5:16pm:  Cooler today, but the heat index was still in the upper 90s.

5:20pm:  Hanging out in her bumbo seat waiting for Dad to get home...

...the spit bubbles are a big thing now...lots and lots of drool and now she is blowing them!  That just started today so now we have the occasional 'raspberry' sound along with our cute to see her discovering all of the different sounds she can make!

6:15pm:  Dad is home, Lily has been fed and put to sleep and Joe and I made some delicious chicken cashew stir fry for dinner.  YUUUMMMMYYY!

6:50pm:  Cleaning up from dinner...

7:45pm:  I am off to run some errands.  On my way, I saw this beautiful thunderstorm off in the distance.  It is nice to know that it is raining and thundering somewhere nearby...

8:05pm:  My first stop...

8:40pm:  My second stop was not documented for whatever reason, but imagine a photo of Target....

9:15pm:  My third stop...

9:35pm: My final stop of the evening...

for a couple of Sonic floats for my favorite guy and myself...

10:15pm:  After unloading the groceries and doing a little bit of cleaning and organizing for the next day...

Joe and I spent some time looking at homes is so much fun to dream!  We turned in for the night around 11:15pm.  Lily woke up around 10:40pm and after a quick diaper change and a little snack, was back to sleep in no time!

The Day in Numbers:
Number of Diapers: 14
Loads of Laundry done: 4
Number of errands run: 2
Number of homes toured: 1
Number of pages read: 16
Number of hours spent blogging:  0
Number of outfits: 3
Number of hours spent feeding Lily: 4.0
Number of times Lily woke up after being put down for the night: 2
Episodes of Brothers and Sisters watched: 2 (*am needing a break from this show and am therefore EXTRA sad that I forgot to send my Netflix back in!)
Number of things crossed off my to-do list: 3
Number of photos: 139
Number of hours spent Napping by Lily: 3.5 

Observations from the day:
Every day there are lots of sounds that we hear: children playing and yelling on the playground behind our house, sirens from a nearby fire department, dogs barking and howling (at the sirens), music from our neighbor's car and the constant whirring of ceiling fans
Lily has started to notice when the TV is on...going to have to pay attention to this now because we don't want her watching tv
Lily napped great today, but woke up more than usual at night
I have reverted to my "easy" way of taking photos, it is not helping me learn anything, but it is much easier and less frustrating while I am trying to take so many during the day
Lily is soooo close to laughing and squealing with delight...sooo close!  I can't wait for that to happen...

Gratitude for the day:
Having the time to spend with Lily just hanging out and playing..watching her observe and notice her environment
Getting to tour homes for sale
Sonic floats in the summertime

My Shot of the day:

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  1. Love your shot of the day!! Even if you are using the "easy" way of taking photos, they still look great!! I also loved her stretching after waking precious!!