Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Week in the Life- Saturday

8:25am:  After about 30 minutes of fussing and dozing, Lily finally decides she is ready to start her day.

9:10am:  Busy with tummy time...

...oh how I adore her sweet whispy hair!  I'm so happy I got this shot of it!


10am:  Lily is down for her morning nap after some time outside and a short visit with our elderly neighbors.  This is a photo of our empty breakfast plates.  In my eagerness to enjoy the delicious cinnamon twist from Fluffy Fresh Donuts that Joe got for me, I completely forgot to document! So use your was sooooo tasty!

11am:  Sweet Lily is awake!  We entered her room to find her nearly escaped from her Miracle Blanket! You can tell she was enjoying the challenge!

11:05am:  As we have said before, Lily loves to be on her changing table and kicking her legs and moving her arms.  We enjoy turning on some music for her to listen to and have started to dangle this fun pink bird that has a little chime inside of it for her to kick.  Lily LOVES it! action...

11:20am:  It was time to go and help Dad in the kitchen....

...meanwhile, I worked on changing Lily's bed and getting her room picked up...

11:45:  This shot is difficult to discern, but you can see the red lights on the monitor...those indicate sound and what you can't hear is that I'm listening to Joe talk with Lily in her room.  Love.

11:55am:  Bumbo Seat time! Our friends Shannon and Reagan loaned us a little tray that fits over Lily's bumbo seat.  This was the first time we tried it out...

It is so cute!

We don't think Lily knew what to do with her toys so reachable in her bumbo!

12:45pm:  Lily is now sleeping with a full belly.  This is my lunch and Joe made his weekly trip to Werners, a local German grocery store that grills brats on Saturdays.  Its a very popular local hangout.

1pm:  While Lily napped, I updated her little sleeping log...

read a little bit of my book...

2:20pm:  Lily wakes up, somewhat fussy...we were hoping she would nap a little bit longer.  We are having friends over later and Joe and I still have a TON to do to get ready!

2:30pm:  Joe works on soothing Lily back to sleep...

I baked a cake for dessert later...

3:05pm:  Naptime is officially over.  This moment right here is always my favorite part of naptime.  I LOVE her smiles when she wakes up.  They are the best!

3:45:  With a little food in her belly, we set out to keep Lily entertained while we finish preparing for our guests.

4:05pm:  She loves her swing!

4:07pm:  Joe is working on his special watermelon beverage for the is really hard not to just gobble up the watermelon ourselves!

The finished product!  Inside is some delicious watermelon juice!  How fun is that?!  It was Joe's first time making this and it turned out great and was a big hit!

5:05pm:  I try re-creating our self-portrait.  Lily was feeling a bit shy...

its fun to see how well she can hold her head up now...

the tinest grin...sweet girl.

6:15pm:  Lily has been fed and is down for the evening.  Our friends have arrived and their two adorable girls are playing the Ladybug game.  Kind of an icebreaker for them if you will...

More rounds of the Ladybug Game...

A lovely gift from Kaya.  Totally brightened up our kitchen!

7:40pm:  Our taco salad buffet!  So yummy!

8:30pm:  After dessert, lots of dancing and twirling and laughing, two very cute "cheetas" came to play.  One was a baby cheeta and one was a mama cheeta...not sure who was who, but they were both SUPER cute!  *Note:  if this photo had volume, it would be loud!  (But still adorable!)  *Another note:  Lily slept through the entire evening which Joe and I both decided was a miracle!  This was the loudest our home had been since Lily arrived! So much fun!  We love these friends!

8:40pm:  More cheeta action.  Joe and I both viewed this as an underscore about why we need to have a bigger house!  These two little gals were just doing what little gals do, I just felt bad that we hardly had any space for them to do it in!  There was a lot of laughter tonight!

9:30pm:  Friends have gone home and these are the dishes to be washed, but to do so would require emptying out the clean dishes from the dishwasher and for some reason, we are worried about waking up Lily even though she has slept through all of the noise of the evening.  Perhaps it is just an excuse to leave them rinsed off in the sink for tomorrow....which we happily do.

9:45pm:  We turn in and finish watching The Adjustment Bureau.  
The End.

The Day in Numbers:
Number of diapers: 14
Number of naps taken: 2 
Number of times Lily woke up during her naps: 3
Number of pages read: 20
Number of cakes baked: 1
Number of friends over: 5 (8 total counting our family) *Note:  Our pal Harold was under the weather and could not come over, we missed you Harold!!
Number of times Joe and I thought Lily would wake up during the evening: about 50
Number of photos:123

Observations from the day:
It is so much easier to get things done when Joe is home to help with Lily!
We have wonderful friends
Little kids are very active and hilarious!
I'm glad we are working on moving 
Taco salads are delicious

Gratitude for the day:
Listening and watching Joe with Lily
Friends who you can be real with
warm donuts from Fluffy Fresh!
a really good book you don't want to put down

My Shot of the Day: (it was a tie)

This concludes my 'Week in the Life' series.  The dates covered were Sunday July 24, 2011 through Saturday July 30, 2011, while Lily was two months old. 


  1. You did it! Sarah, I know this project was time-consuming and frustrating at times, but for an outsider, it was so much to fun to see/read! Lily is SUCH a doll. I want to see her (and you!) in person soon!

  2. I have looooved this project, Sarah!! So many wonderful shots of Lily and how you spend your day. I love your thoughts of gratitude, and how you find happiness in the smallest details of life. I am so glad you had a tie between your shot of the day, because those were my two favorites, too!! I know you will cherish this documentation of Lily's early life for years and years to come. Her smile is beautiful!

  3. I am so glad to know that the night my daughter was there was the loudest your house has been since Lily moved in. I am so proud. :)

  4. Sandra Telford DavernSat Aug 06, 02:28:00 PM CDT

    I was so happy to meet Lily and see you and Joe again. I enjoy your blog and the pictures of Lily. She is growing so fast. I liked logging on for the "Week in the Life" series. You have a special, darling family. Sandra Telford Davern