Friday, April 19, 2013

A Week in the Life- Friday, March 29, 2013

....and better late than never.....  :)

7:15am: Today is going to be a busy day.  Lily is already up and reading in her room and I'm heading upstairs now to take her her milk and get her dressed for the day.

Notice the blinds.  Lily has really made them her own with all of her little peeks out the window!

...this is what I walk into- books on the floor and a little gal ready to go!  She is so excited to start her day that she has been practicing taking off her pajamas.  She has not mastered this yet, but she is getting close!  Eeek!

7:40:  After some reading time with me, Lily is all dressed and ready.  We are working on her new room across the hall and she LOVES to run in there every day and check our progress.  Plus I think she loves having a wide open room with nothing in it to just run around in....

...I have started moving her shoes and a few of her summer clothes into her new closet and she enjoys getting all of the shoes out and trying them on...every day.

...Case in point.  Most of them are a little bit on the big side for her right now, so it is always a delicate balance of letting her have fun and enjoy wearing them, but also somehow convincing her that she cannot wear them out of the house (because she literally walks right out of them!)  Some days these "negotiations" go better than others...

...running around with her bunny and talking with her new bunny on her wall....

7:55am:  We are downstairs and time is ticking before we have to leave in about 15 minutes.  I turned on some Sesame Street (Thank you, Netflix!!!) and Lily was "entertained" for about five minutes while I raced around gathering our things for the day.  When we leave the house this morning, we are not coming home until dinner time, so there is a lot to gather!

...every day is a great day for sunglasses!  This cutie pie's future is so bright, she's got to wear shades! in the kitchen packing our bags...

8:40am:  We are now a little ways across town for our regular get together with two of my favorite friends.  We have been meeting together (not as regularly or frequently as we would like) for many years now, just catching up on life, our walks with God and ways we can be praying for and encouraging one another.  It has gotten a little bit crazy now that all of our kiddos are on the scene and our conversations are a bit more scattered, but these times are certainly times I look forward to.  

...the scene...

My view of my little gal all buckled in with her bunny.  xoxo

10:15am:  After some good catch up time and play time, we are loaded up and heading across town to Nana's house.  She has graciously offered to watch Lily for me so I can have some much needed "mommy" time today.

10:45am:  Lily helps Nana get out her Easter can never have too many decorative bunnies!  It was really fun to see Lily discover each one...

11:30am: Meanwhile while Lily hangs out with Nana, I enjoy a delicious lunch with one of my all time favorite people.  I HATE that this is the only photo I have of our time together- clearly my mind was focused on food and not her beautiful smile, but you can use your imagination.  Kaysie is my first friend I met at KSU in my social work classes.  She and I clicked instantly and have made many fun memories through the years.  I love that she is still in my life.

1:30pm:  It was strange today, I had the freedom to go anywhere and spend some time, but I had no idea what to do with myself!  So I ended up going to a nearby church that I know has some tables and is quiet and I spent some time just flipping through magazines, having some quiet time and getting myself organized (a little bit).  It was lovely.

3:30pm: I decided to be a little bit productive during this time and headed over to Hobby Lobby to look for some inexpensive decor to fluff my nest a little bit.  We are having a party in a few weeks and I feel like the place needs some fluffing! It was a BEAUTIFUL day today....a perfect windows down, radio up day.  (My dusty dashboard is so gross! Sorry!)

3:45pm:  Here I am!  I found a perfect big clock for my kitchen, so I was really excited.  It was really pricy by Hobby Lobby standards, but it was what I have been looking for over the past several weeks in MANY different stores around town, so I was pretty excited.  (In the end, I deemed it way too expensive and a little bit too large, so it ended up going back to the store.)

4:25pm:  Back at Nana's house, I discovered this sweet girl playing in Nana's basement.  I was informed that she did not want to take a nap today (which sometimes happens when she is napping somewhere else), so I knew things could get a little bit dicey in the hours ahead.  We still had a few more events in our day, so I said a little prayer and packed up our stuff.

4:35pm:  This is what was happening while I was gathering our stuff.  Lily LOVES to spin in Papa's office chair.  She and Nana have this whole little thing where Nana sings some cute songs while gently spinning Lily around while Lily giggles.  It is really cute and Lily always races back to Papa's office before we leave so she can have a quick twirl.

5-6pm:  We met Joe at church this evening for the Good Friday "service."  Our church has recently started this little "experience" where you walk from station of the cross to station of the cross learning about what Jesus experienced and what the times were like back in those days.  This year, they had a time for kids where they had people in costumes telling stories about that particular station of the cross.  It was really cool.  Lily got a little bit spooked by the Roman guard and started getting weepy and clingy so we moved on pretty quickly from that guy and she just snuggled me the entire time which of course I did not mind.  I knew she was tired, so I was just glad she chose to snuggle vs. melting down.  

(there's my giant new clock)

6:15pm:  This was a stellar day for me in the sense that I had double booked us and did not even realize it until my pal Dave -Lily's absolute BFF- (above) informed me that I was looking at the basketball schedule in Eastern Time when I made some of our evening plans.  Seriously! Who does that?!  Let me explain.  

We have a group of friends and their kiddos who all live in the same general area of town.  We all like to get together and share a meal while the kiddos play- usually about once a month.  Different people host and it is a great time of getting everyone together.  Well tonight was one of those nights.  Our friends were hosting after the Good Friday services and with little ones, the events never go too late,  so I had invited some other friends over to watch some March Madness basketball AFTER that dinner gathering.  The Jayhawks (my favorite team) were playing and I was SUPER excited that they were playing on a Friday evening and it just seemed like the perfect way to end the week...friends, food, basketball...and according to the schedule (in my mind) it would all work out perfectly!

Well, by MY accounting, the Jayhawks did not tip off until a little bit later in the evening (like 7:30ish), so it was going to work out perfectly for us to stop by our friends house for an early dinner and then have everyone over for the game a little bit later.  But Dave informed me that no, the Jayhawks tipped off an hour earlier because I had made my plans based on Eastern Time!  I wish I could say it was the most "blonde" thing I had done, but I can't even say that! (More on that later)  But anyways, after getting over my initial embarrassment, I had to cancel our plans to join our friends for dinner telling everyone what I had done and then explain to our basketball watching friends to come over earlier yada yada...I just looked ridiculous to everyone.  Luckily I have good friends who just rolled with everything, but I hated to miss out on the fun dinner gathering, but also did not want to miss the basketball game- not to mention, Lily was running on fumes, so in the end, it all probably worked out for the best being home earlier- but still.  SHEESH! Not my most shining moment to say the least!

7:45pm: Settled on the couch watching the Jayhawks (lose! boo!) with a nice glass of wine with my friends.  Lily is long in bed by now and I'm just enjoying putting my feet up and relaxing while watching some March Madness- my favorite sporting event of the year!  Life is good!

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