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A Week in the Life: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

*Note:  I have been writing this A Week in the Life series one day a week for the past several weeks.  When the day arrived for Wednesday's entry (February 27, 2013), we were all sick, my phone's storage capacity was full, we were snowed in and I was feeling less than energized about the project.  So for those of you paying close attention, I decided to wait a week, and document the next Wednesday... hence the gap in the dates.

6:15am: Wednesday mornings are always busy in our household. Lily and I attend a mother's group at our church and the first Wednesday of the month is always a delicious potluck brunch day there, so that generally means that I am up extra early cooking a dish to share.  In the wee hours, its a challenge, but brunch days are the BEST!

Today I made my go-to recipe for a fast, easy, delicious dish.  It's Paula Deen's Granite Steps Blueberry Coffee Cake.... I did all of the prep work and then headed upstairs to get ready, so it was ready to put into the oven after I was dressed and back down stairs.

8am:  Here is Lily hanging out with Dad.  Joe is very sweet and on Wednesdays he goes into work a few minutes later than normal so he can help watch Lily and get her dressed for the day and give me time to actually shower and get ready so I can feel like a "normal person" at Mother's Together.  It is a gift and I'm very thankful! when I found them in the kitchen they were reading the American Girl catalog.  Lily loves to read these when they come in the mail.  She just enjoys looking at the pictures of the dolls and has no expectation or understanding that you can actually order one and have one at your house!  It is a great stage of innocence and it is so much fun to see what she notices and points out on the bright and colorful pages.

8:30am:  The coffee cake is coming out of the oven, Lily is in her playroom and I'm trying to wrangle everything and finish getting shoes and coats and bags and such ready to leave in a few minutes.

8:40am: We are loaded up with coat and shoes ready to roll!  Here is my view when I look into the backseat.  Lily still faces backwards in her carseat and does well with this.  She's now big enough that she can see out the window while we are driving and loves to look outside and talk about what she is seeing.  I'm excited for when she turns two and can face forward, but part of my heart is not quite ready because that too will be a bittersweet milestone in her world...she's really not a baby anymore!

...I'm a big fan of playlists and music, so here is a glimpse of the music we were listening to in the car this morning. It's from my playlist called "between the rains..."

9am: On Wednesday mornings, I always treat myself to a Starbucks coffee on my way to Mother's Together.  It just feels like a special treat for me and I look forward to it!

9:10am:  Here is Lily in her classroom.  She is one of the first kiddos there today.  It is cute to see her making little friends and playing in her element....

9:40am:  In all of my social-ness, I completely forgot to document the giant brunch buffet spread and my full plate of yummy food!  Brunch days are the best once you get there and get settled in-the hassle and extra juggling is always worth it.

9:15-11:15am: Mother's Together is 2 hours long and today we had some great teaching from the book of John along with some discussion questions for our group.

11:40am:  Back at home for lunch, followed by a good nap!

1:30pm:  I spent nap time today working on new baby gifts.  I volunteer at our church to help prepare these bags and reach out to new mothers.  I was really behind in doing this, so I got caught up and also spent some time "re-stocking" my supplies.  A woman volunteers to make these beautiful baby blankets to go in the gift bags, so I spent some time rolling those, and stuffing some envelopes with some welcome info...

2:45pm: then I spent some time scrolling around Pinterest looking for ideas for Lily's birthday party.  I don't really have a plan or an idea for what I want to do for her this year, so it was mainly a time of zoning out and looking at the amazing things other people have done.

3:05pm:  Lily wakes up and is ready to go!

....part way through her nap, I realized that I had forgotten to give her her ear medicine, so I gave her some meds before she got out of her bed...MUCH easier to contain her that way! Lily wanted to read some books after waking up, so we spent some time reading her counting books.  She loves these books right now.  She loves to find a '4' in one book and then look in the other two books to find the '4's and then matches them all together.  She is getting really good at it and wants us to give her numbers to  "Can you find the 2?"  And then she will find the '2' in all three books... kind of amazing how all of the sudden her little brain knows how to do this!

3:25pm:  We went downstairs for a snack, drink and some fun in the playroom... is our self-portrait of the day....

...a few weeks back, I had ordered Lily a new hat for next winter and it had arrived in the mail today.  Lily saw it an immediately wanted to put it on (and did not want to take it off)!  She looks super cute in it!

3:45pm:  Lily and I did some prep work for dinner.  We made a marinade for some chicken.  We are trying a new recipe tonight for Thai Honey Peanut Chicken.... we'll see how it turns out!

4:05pm: We are headed over to visit Nana and Papa for a little bit....notice the hat..she did not want to take it off!  I could not resist!

4:25pm: Having fun at Nana and Papa's!

...Lily loves to write these days...

6pm:  Back home and dinner is made.  It turned out really yummy and is super delicious!  We will be having this again! Lily loved it too!

7pm:  Lily is down for the night after her bath and the kitchen is getting cleaned up.  Joe headed out to our church's First Wednesday service and my pal, Janine came over for some good catch up time.  It was a chilly night out, so we enjoyed some hot tea and good conversation.  It was a great way to end the day!

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