Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Kick is Good!

by Sarah

The medical experts have told us numerous times that little Luke won't be moving around as much as a baby who has a lot of fluid would and so therefore we would probably not feel him kicking very much.  At the time they told us this, I had not really experienced feeling him move or kick around yet, so I sadly set my expectations a lot lower than they would have been for experiencing this "normal" yet exciting element of pregnancy.  However, it seems that Luke did not get that message and continues to kick my lowered expectations right on out of the water!

In the past ten days or so, I have started to feel him moving around and kicking inside my belly on a pretty regular basis which has been thrilling and so much fun!  My heart was aching though because I desperately wanted Joe to be able to feel him moving too so he could get to know his son in a new and different way. However, try as he would, he could not yet feel Luke moving from the outside....until late last week!  I had been praying that Luke would continue to grow so he could kick really hard so that his daddy could feel him and like I mentioned, it finally happened last week!  I about burst into tears I was so excited for that because I know that the bonding experience is so different for the mothers-to-be vs. the fathers-to-be based on simple biology! So when we found out that our moments with our son would be precious and few, I started praying for ways for Joe to connect and get to know little Luke too and this was a huge one (at least for me!) 

Now, its practically a nightly ritual from about 10pm- 11ish, Luke kicks away for his dad and we all get to enjoy some family time....although sometimes mamas need their sleep- but I'm not complaining!


  1. Go Luke go! This makes me very happy. Love to all the Leimers.

  2. Whoever knew that a kick in the belly could mean so much!! God indeed works in mysterious and miraculous ways - much love to you all.

  3. Hi Sarah! I was following you on your other blog and didn't realize you had this one until today. Reading it took my breath away! I can't even imagine! I will keep you and Joe in my prayers! You both are an inspiration!

    Christina Ewing

  4. Love following your posts. Kick away Luke!! Love you guys dearly and pray often for comfort, rest, peace, understanding, connection with Luke, and holding onto the light through all of this.


  5. Sarah, Joe, and Luke...you have been in my prayers every day. Your story has touched my heart and I am glad to hear from your posts how God is extremely present in your lives at this moment and always. The three of you are bringing so much glory to God as you express your faith in Him. He is pleased!!!