Monday, October 12, 2009

Luke's Birthday

We had our first "normal" appointment last week with our OB for our regular 4 week check since receiving Luke's diagnosis.  Everything with Luke was great-we got to hear his heartbeat and Dr. Nichols heard him moving around on the little dopplar.  She said his size was on target and that my size was as well. 

We spent the majority of our appointment time with her discussing Luke's arrival in January.  In our efforts to get arrangements made in advance, we had prepared a giant list of questions for her.  She was amazing and provided us with as much insight and information that she could offer, and also is connecting us with people who can answer the questions she could not.  The most important decision we made that day was that (assuming nothing happens in the meantime) Luke's birthday will be January 4, 2010. He will be delivered to us via C-section in hopes that we will be gifted with a few precious moments with him. 

I can only speak for myself, but as we tackle making arrangements for his arrival, my heart continues to be overwhelmed with sadness and at time waves of fear and panic. We are working on "planning" as much as we can control for that special day, but there is still so much unknown that will remain that way until the day arrives and we breathe in those moments together as a family. 

I'm continually thankful for my amazing husband who has never once left my side since we have received this news. His gentle care for me and for Luke has been life sustaining for me.  Even though we only know part of what is ahead for us in January, I'm able to find glimpses of comfort in knowing he will be with me every minute, every step of the way. I'm a very lucky girl.

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