Monday, June 11, 2012

Counting on a Monday

 #314 - Girl's Weekends- no kids, no husbands, no agenda, no responsibilities

This weekend was my long waited for girl's weekend....three of my dearest friends from high school (we were missing another three who could not make it) and I spent Saturday and Saturday night catching up, laughing, soaking in the sun and eating! It was such a gift.

#315-Hotel rooms with a view

#316- Poolside with my friends for the first time in years (literally!)

#317- Champagne with strawberries dipped in chocolate and good conversation

#318- Getting as many of our kiddos together as we could on Sunday morning for a little play date

#319- My sweet husband who manned the ship all on his own this weekend so I could have time with my friends. xoxo

Today I'm linking up with Ann Voskamp's Multitudes on Mondays.  You can click on the link to the left to go to her beautiful blog or the graphic below to go directly to her post.  I have been needing some encouragement to continue seeking out and looking for the gifts that God continues pour into my life.  Sometimes it feels so easy to focus on what is not going the way I would like or what is not lovely in my world these days.  So to the maker and giver of all gifts, I bow and whisper 'thank you' on this Monday morning when my heart feels heavy with burdens of a week not even started yet. Here we eyes and heart are open and seeking your beauty as I seek to discover #320 and beyond.  Happy counting everyone!

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  1. A girls weekend--that is a gift to treasure! I have one coming up that I'm looking forward to. Chocolate dipped strawberries, yum! Great list!