Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pride, humility, our house and my ebeneezer- Part 2


* I started a post that turned into a really long one, so I've broken it up into little segments.  You can read Part 1 here.

A couple of months after Joe lost his job, we discovered we were pregnant with Lily which brought with it a brand new and very different rush of emotion. Joe was still not working, and we knew we were not going to be moving at least until he was established in a new working role.  So we settled in and did our best to savor the season of Lily's pregnancy...fears and all. Eventually as the months went by, we realized that she would be coming home to this house.  I went into nesting mode (big time!) and we delighted in decorating and preparing her room for her.  We cleared out quite a bit of our own personal stuff in order to make room for all of the new baby-focused items that seem to take up an amazing amount of space!  We settled in and prepared to bring a baby into this little house of ours....but all the while, my heart still yearned to move to more of a "family" home....where we could actually be settled long term.

Lily arrived in May of 2011 and I found myself loving having this little nest to snuggle her into. We spent many days cozied inside while the sun blazed outside last summer.  I loved the quiet and the peacefulness of this home and found myself thanking God again, for his provision of this place to call home in our lives.  Joe had taken a job in the November before Lily was born after six months of looking, and then was blessed with an offer for an even better job in March 2011, just weeks before Lily was born. So flash forward a few months, Lily had arrived safe and sound, and Joe was getting established in his new job, when the moving bug officially bit us again and we decided were ready to try again (baby and all) to move - again.  We began looking at homes and preparing our own to put on the market.  To say I was excited was an understatement.  I had zero reservations or concerns and felt that finally, after a year and a half of waiting, it was time to get going already!  I felt peaceful about it in my spirit and asked God to make it clear if this was not his will for us right now. 

I knew we had to be ready to go because it was going to sell quick.  Not many 65 year old homes are in as good of condition in our area, nor have too many littler homes been redone or updated they way ours has. I was positive that it was going to sell quickly.  And yet, again, I was very wrong...I had many long days of waiting ahead of me, only I did not know it yet....

           ...to be continued.....

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