Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Fun Reads on the First Friday of Summer...

One of the things I'm most enjoying about my break from Facebook and reading the news this summer is the time that has emerged for me to actually read and enjoy other people's blogs! I used to do this a TON before Lily arrived, so it has been so lovely to spend time getting up to speed with some of my online "friends" as they have come to be known by me.  Here are two posts that I came across in my reading this morning and thought you might enjoy as well.  

A great Summer inspiring and a rich reminder that every moment counts and the way we spend our days is the way we live our lives...

A message that spoke directly to my heart- exactly what I am needing to constantly remind myself of these days.... especially the part where she writes, "You are where you need to be to make a difference. And if where you are needs to change, God will do it."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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