Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Backing it up...Logan at 6 months

  For the beloved three* of you (I love you guys!!!) who are still checking in here I wanted to give you an update on our little Logan.

Here he is at six months.....

Isn't he adorable? I know I am completely biased, but this little guy has completely stolen our hearts. His six month birthday was on Christmas Eve so we decided to snap a couple of photos of him by our Christmas tree at the cabin where we were celebrating the holiday with family.

This is how he loves to sit in his bumbo seat- crooked so he can wiggle around and look everywhere but straight ahead.  I can already tell, he is going to be a busy little guy!
You would not be able to tell it in these pics, but we actually had a pretty rough trip health and sleep-wise.  Logan started teething and cut his first tooth while we were in Colorado.  While this is exciting news, it also brought with it lots of tears, not many naps and lots of waking up during the night for pretty much the duration of our trip.  Thanks to all of the extra gunk flowing through his system as he cut his little tooth, he also developed his first ear infection and earned his first trip to urgent care! Poor little guy.  

He was a trooper though and somehow managed to still smile a lot and enjoy his first Christmas.

At six months, he was working really hard at pushing up from his tummy to an "all fours" position and doing some rocking back and forth.  He liked to sit for a few minutes at a time in his bumbo seat and really loves being snuggled and played with.  He LOVED watching all of the birds visit the feeders at the cabin and really enjoyed chewing and drooling on everything.  Sadly because of the extreme cold and his ear infection, we didn't take him outside to play in the snow, but he watched us play with Lily from the window with Nana.

He LOVED the Christmas tree and all of the twinkle lights...
Logan is normally a great napper and takes two naps a day and sleeps great at night.  He loves his bottles and HATES taking medicine.  He is a master-spitter-outer of all medicines!  He is very strong and LOVES playing with his sister.  

Having him with us for Christmas was by far the best Christmas present we could have ever received.  Happy six month birthday sweet boy! We love you!