Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Backing it up...Logan at 6 months

  For the beloved three* of you (I love you guys!!!) who are still checking in here I wanted to give you an update on our little Logan.

Here he is at six months.....

Isn't he adorable? I know I am completely biased, but this little guy has completely stolen our hearts. His six month birthday was on Christmas Eve so we decided to snap a couple of photos of him by our Christmas tree at the cabin where we were celebrating the holiday with family.

This is how he loves to sit in his bumbo seat- crooked so he can wiggle around and look everywhere but straight ahead.  I can already tell, he is going to be a busy little guy!
You would not be able to tell it in these pics, but we actually had a pretty rough trip health and sleep-wise.  Logan started teething and cut his first tooth while we were in Colorado.  While this is exciting news, it also brought with it lots of tears, not many naps and lots of waking up during the night for pretty much the duration of our trip.  Thanks to all of the extra gunk flowing through his system as he cut his little tooth, he also developed his first ear infection and earned his first trip to urgent care! Poor little guy.  

He was a trooper though and somehow managed to still smile a lot and enjoy his first Christmas.

At six months, he was working really hard at pushing up from his tummy to an "all fours" position and doing some rocking back and forth.  He liked to sit for a few minutes at a time in his bumbo seat and really loves being snuggled and played with.  He LOVED watching all of the birds visit the feeders at the cabin and really enjoyed chewing and drooling on everything.  Sadly because of the extreme cold and his ear infection, we didn't take him outside to play in the snow, but he watched us play with Lily from the window with Nana.

He LOVED the Christmas tree and all of the twinkle lights...
Logan is normally a great napper and takes two naps a day and sleeps great at night.  He loves his bottles and HATES taking medicine.  He is a master-spitter-outer of all medicines!  He is very strong and LOVES playing with his sister.  

Having him with us for Christmas was by far the best Christmas present we could have ever received.  Happy six month birthday sweet boy! We love you!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Logan is 5 Months!

Hello World!

I am five months old today! I have had a busy month.  I drink 7oz bottles about 5-6 times a day.  Sometimes I drink every drop and other times I just have a few ounces...I like to keep my family guessing.  I love being around my family and love to smile and giggle.  I am constantly trying to figure things out and I love to stay really busy.  Mommy calls me her sweet cutie pie.  

I celebrated my first Halloween where I dressed up as a pumpkin.  I did not mind the costume, but I was not a big fan of my pumpkin hat.  

In the afternoon after my nap, we went trick or treating at my Nana and Papa's, my aunt and uncle's house and the home of a family friend.  

I was completely pooped out after that and went to bed shortly after arriving back home.  My sister was Cinderella and she LOVED dressing up and trick-or-treating with our neighbors.  

I slept right through all of the trick or treaters who came to our house.

I am officially a pro at rolling over from my back to my tummy and now love to prop myself up and look around.  I still sometimes struggle with understanding how to roll from my tummy to my back, but sometimes I can do it all by myself.  I love to squeal and talk while on my tummy and I especially love to kick my legs against the floor while I'm on my tummy.  It is great to be able to look all around and see what is going on.  Sometimes I can even roll myself across the room if I want to.  I don't do that all the time, but there have been a few times where I have surprised my mom by being in a new location when she looked away for a few minutes! Everyone in my family thinks I'm going to be on the go really soon!

Now that I'm holding my head steady and working on my core strength, I was able to start playing in my exersaucer this month.  I really like it now that I'm learning how to navigate my way around it and understand how all of the little gizmos work.  Lucky for me, my sister was very eager to teach me.  Like most things I do, I have about a 10-15 minute tolerance and then I'm ready for my mom or dad to move me to my next activity.  Right now I generally move between my play gym, my mom's lap, my swing, my mom's (or my daddy's) arms, my exersaucer, my mom's arms while we walk around the house, my bouncy seat, my mom's arms, read books, play on the floor, sit in my bumbo seat, back to my mom's get the idea.  That is a typical day- rotating through all of those activities multiple times with a few naps mixed in.  I'm very busy...and my big sister is even busier!

I love to be around my family- especially my sister.  She makes me laugh and I love to watch her running all over the place.  She snuggles me and plays with me and gives me TONS of kisses and lots of encouragement.  I adore her.  

This month I really made a lot of progress on my sleep training that Mom has been trying to teach me.  Mom has gotten me on a pretty regular schedule.  Most days I wake up between 7-7:30am, take a morning nap, then take another afternoon nap around lunch time and then am ready for my bath and bottle around 5pm.  I now sleep from 5:30pm until about 4:30-5am, wake up and have a bottle and then go back to bed until about 7ish in the morning.  Mom and dad are finally getting more sleep!  

While I am a great sleeper at night, I have been struggling a little bit with my naps.  I can now put myself to sleep without much crying, but I tend to wake up about 45 minutes to an hour later.  It frustrates everyone and I always wake up sad and feel and look a little bit tired.  My mom is trying to figure this out so she can help me get my rest.  Everyone seems highly motivated! 

I still HATE my car seat.  Mom wanted me to note that there were at least two times this month where she put me in my car seat that I did not cry.  I did not realize she was keeping track, but I guess she is.  I LOVE my baths.  They are by far my favorite activity. I squeal and splash and kick and play.  I can be in a grouchy-end-of-the-day weepy mood, and then when my mom takes me into the bathroom, it all goes away and I'm super happy and energized.  I love blowing spit bubbles and chewing on/sucking on my thumb.  I love reading my books and have gotten really good at reaching for my toys and grabbing them.  I sometimes can't hold onto them for as long as I'd like, but I am getting really good at grabbing them which is a start!  I love being five months old and I can't wait to see what I learn to do in the next month!


Friday, October 31, 2014

A Four Month Recap and Time Lapse

Life is busy these days.  A great busy, but busy nonetheless.  It is apparent based on the quantity of posts here that I rarely sit down with my computer these days the way I would like, but- I have been trying to take lots of photos. One of my favorite things I did when Lily was a baby, was my monthly posts where she updated the world on what she was up to on each of her monthly birthdays.  I have not been good about posting Logan's here, but I have been keeping track in hopes of doing the same thing with little Logan and finally have a few minutes to catch you up!  


I am four months old now! Can you even believe it? Mom says I am getting cuter by the minute too. I am really busy napping these days.  Mom has been working with me on sleep training and I am really starting to get the hang of it.  I generally take two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Mom especially likes it when I nap at the same time as my sister, which is most afternoons now.  Last night was my best night ever- I slept for twelve straight hours all by myself! Until then, I had been sleeping for 12-13 hours total at night, only waking up once (occasionally twice) to eat, but last night I finally rounded that corner and made it all the way through.  I almost didn't recognize my mom when she came in to get me this morning, she looked so refreshed and rested!  I love to smile and have a sweet disposition and am beginning to get some really adorable chubby legs and arms that my mom loves to squeeze and kiss.  I only get upset when I need something important and am in general, a very easy going little guy.

I can easily (and quickly) roll from my back to my tummy now.  I love this trick and I like to look around while I'm up on my tummy doing tummy time.  I rarely get upset during tummy time any more which is a huge breakthrough. I like being able to roll this way because now I can sleep on my tummy too!  I am just learning how to reach for toys to play with, and I'm getting stronger each day.  I still struggle a little bit with rolling from my tummy to my back, but every once in awhile, I can do it and then I'm off to the races making my way across the floor.  I cannot wait until I can actually get moving!

At my doctor appointment yesterday, I had to get lots of shots, but I only cried for a minute after my mommy picked me up and snuggled me.  It made me feel better to have my sis there holding my hand too.  I now weigh almost 17lbs!  I am wearing size 6months in clothes.  I am growing so big and strong! 

I drink between 5-6oz in my bottle at each feeding and am getting ready to start drinking even more.  I am even learning how to hold my own bottle! (I still need help though because I also like to put my hands in my mouth at the same time while I'm trying to drink).  I enjoy reading books, playing with toys, talking, sitting on people's laps, playing outside but my favorite activity by far is taking a bath.  I LOVE to kick and splash in my bathtub.  I laugh, I squeal with delight and I pretty much love to kick and move my arms and legs all the time.  I'm still not a huge fan of my carseat, but I'm getting so much better.  I adore my big sister and love to pull her hair.  She never gets angry with me.  I'm dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween this year and can't wait for trick or treating!  

My mom is posting some of my older photos from when I was little so you can see how much I have grown.  I cannot wait to see what the next month of life will bring! 


Here I am when I was one month old...

When I was this age, I ate every 2-3 hours 2-3 ounces at a time.  I was a good sleeper and I loved being swaddled. I hated my car seat and would scream the entire time my mom would make me be in it. I did great on the big drive back home from Utah, but once I got a little bit older, I was not a fan. I had to do tummy time every day, and I was also not a big fan of that either.  Mommy told me it would help me to become strong, but it is just hard!

This is my big sis.  She is one of my favorite people on this planet.  She loves to help take care of me.  She did not like it that mom was only taking pictures of me today, so she jumped in on my photo shoot to "help" mom...  Mom wasn't thrilled about it, but I loved it and so did Lily.  She is funny.

Here I am at two months!

This is the month where I learned to smile and melt everyone's hearts. I only liked napping for about 45 minutes at a time and began eating 4-5 ounces in each bottle.  I still woke up every 3-4 hours, but I had some longer stretches of 6 hours or so at night which gave my parents lots of hope for the future!  Mommy began reading her sleep training book for me this month and started giving me more naps which I needed and loved.  I would fall asleep easily, but woke up sooner than she wanted me to.  I guess we will get it figured out someday as I get bigger.  I loved being snuggled and rocked.

I worked hard every day on my tummy time, and saw lots of progress this month.  It was still hard for me, but I began to notice I was getting stronger. I still hated my car seat.  I started giggling a little bit this month and also found my voice and began "talking" with my family.  I still loved and needed my swaddle to relax and sleep in, but I began to get so strong, that I could kick and bust my way out of it at night- even the miracle blanket!  When this would happen, I woke up and cried, so mommy and daddy had to come and re-swaddle me so I could fall back to sleep.  They said I was a very good baby when I was two months old.  I think my big sister is the best!

Here I am at three months!

This was a big month for me.  I gradually learned to sleep without a swaddle and started sleeping in sleep sacks.  I started napping for longer periods of time which made everyone happier (especially me!) and I also started to establish a fairly regular schedule which made my mom really happy! I began holding my head up by myself which also made everything easier.  I love to look around and watch my sister run around the house.  She is a hoot and makes me laugh.  I went to sunday school for the first time this month and I loved it.  I now drink 6oz with every bottle and have about 6 bottles in a 24 hour period.

 This month I starting having a bedtime of 6:30pm and woke up around 1am to eat and then went back to sleep until about 5:30am when I ate again and then slept until about 7:30am.  I loved all of my rest and I woke up happy and ready to tackle the day- at least until my morning nap.  I became SUPER smiley and happy this month.  I started getting kind of drooly which was fun because I liked to make spit bubbles and noises with my mouth and eat my hands too.  I loved to "talk" to my family and kick and move around.  I learned to roll from my back to my tummy this month which has made my tummy time so much more fun because I can choose to do it myself! I still don't know how to roll from my tummy to my back, so sometimes I get stuck and need some help.  I learned that I loved sleeping on my tummy and I looked forward to each day!

Time Lapse....