Saturday, January 24, 2015

Backing it up...Logan is 7 months!

Hello World! 

I'm seven months old today!

I have been very busy lately and have just started crawling!  

there I go....
I have two lower teeth now and am getting ready to cut my top front tooth.  Teething is NO fun and it makes me kind of grumpy.  Luckily my family understands and gives me lots of extra TLC.  I am chewing on everything these days.  

My sister is learning that she has to keep her toys away from me if she does not want me to grab them and chew them.  She is my best friend and we love to laugh together.  She always makes me smile and loves to help take care of me.

I started eating solid foods this month which is really exciting.  At first I kind of gagged and shivered when I took bites, but now, I gobble it all up and love to make huge messes while I eat.  My favorite foods so far are porridge, peas, butternut squash and yogurt.  I kind of like applesauce.  

I love sitting in my high chair and being part of the mix around the family table.  I have had a few sips from a sippy cup, but basically I love to just bang it around and chew on it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have just started crawling which I love.  I'm not going super fast yet, but I can get myself across the room or to a different toy if I put my mind to it.  I still get a little bit frustrated, but everyone loves to clap for me which gets me excited and gives me courage to keep trying.

I love when my mom and dad read books to me and I love playing with all of my toys that light up and rattle and make noise.  I am able to sit by myself for a few minutes before I fall over, but I'm getting stronger every day.  I'm doing better with my car seat and I love to suck my thumb when I fall asleep.  I'm doing a great job with my naps and my sleep schedule.  

I sleep for 13-14 hours a night (waking only once for a bottle) and I take a 1-2 hour nap in the morning and about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  

Lily loves to jump in on my photo shoots....she is such a great big sis!

I love my Jump-a-roo!
I love to look out the window and can't wait until we can play outside.  I'm doing great and at my six month appointment, I weighed 19lbs! Mom says I'm growing so fast.  In random news, I'm wearing 9 month clothes now and I love to chew on my feet!  See you next month!