Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It is August Again

                                      << imagine a beautiful photo of something summery here>>**

I am still here. Even though months of radio silence have passed.  You might not know this, but I write on this blog nearly every day- in my mind. Isn't that weird? I think about this blank piece of "paper" all. the. time.  I have lots of struggles, adventures and experiences to process, share and write about here, but I rarely prioritize the time to actually sit down and put my virtual pen to paper.  So therefore, it all stays cluttered and scrambled in my head and heart. (Which makes me constantly feel a little scrambled, muddy and cluttered as a result.) 

I miss you guys.  It is August again, my least favorite month and I think that means I need to be here- back on the blog; writing. Can one start fresh in August? I don't know, but I'm going to declare it possible.  I also know that I'm tired, my jeans do not fit and my house is messy....not a great combo!  So what that means to me's time to right the ship and begin again. I am going to start paddling back in the direction I want to go with my life and that means more time spent here. Writing and sharing.  It is so good for my soul to have a creative outlet and I'm happier and better in all areas of life when I'm taking care of my soul in this way.  It's true- plus, I'm tired of keeping all of this goodness to myself.  Haha!

Cheers to August- I'm determined to make it a great one!   See you soon, friends!

**note: This summer we upgraded our technical backup of all photos and now it is SUPER challenging for me to find/post anything photo related.  I'm seriously technically challenged and easily frustrated by the technology world....So all to say, I'm working on learning how to do that as well.  

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