Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 16- Making a Difference

I am guilty of sometimes feeling like I don't have "enough" or that I have to have a certain this or that...when in reality I have waaay more than I need.  I have been entrusted with so many riches in life and I know I am called as a believer to give away and share my resources...because they are not mine, they are His.  So simple to say, yet so difficult to do. 

A couple of years back, my husband introduced me to an organization called Kiva.  (Check them out here.) Its design is to connect people who have resources with people who have none so that they can get their business started and support their family and then eventually pay back the loan they have been given.  It is amazing.  I recently invested in a woman in Paraguay who was starting a clothing business to help feed her family.  I saw her photo, read about her story and am now following her progress.  Seriously, this organization is SO COOL.  I love that a little bit of money from my pocket is making a difference in her life.  We will probably never meet, but we are connected.  I love that. 

Another program we are involved with as a family is called Compassion (learn more about them here).  By adopting a child through a monthly contribution, a relationship is developed with that child over the years and you can watch them grow and see how just a little bit can go a very long way. It's not like what you see on TV where they talk about adopting children, but it is about really building that connection and relationship with the child you sponsor.  You learn about their family, their life and what they are learning in school in addition to so much more.  We love our little guy who lives in Ethiopia and we continue to pray for him and his family during their drought and famine. 

I am not writing about these things because I want to give the impression that we are extra spiritual people because we give to this group and that organization etc.  But more because I want to convey that by giving away even the smallest amount of money or a fraction of time, it can make a huge difference in the lives of others...and ripple effects can be felt all the way to heaven.  God sees our heart, our compassion and often our (my) struggles with giving and is so faithful.  He uses whatever we can give to make all things beautiful and to grow hope all over the world.  I'm learning that the more I open my hands, life and heart to giving, that being able to play even the tiniest part in what He is doing to make a difference in the lives of his people is one of the sweetest gifts in life. 

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  1. I have just spent the better part of today reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and Luke with me. I have been deeply touched by the journey you have been on and I am so happy that you have little Miss Lilly to add to your family and story.
    ~in Him