Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 19- Genuine Random Acts of Kindness

Beautiful flowers left as a surprise for me by a beautiful, kindhearted friend....
 I am not sure why, but kindness always surprises me and leaves me a little bit breathless. Whenever I see it or experience it firsthand, I am left to secretly wonder, "Am I kind like that?" or "Would I have responded in that kind/helpful/gentle way?" A lot of the time, I fear my response is sadly, no.  Or if it does happen to be a 'yes,' it is only often after some serious self talk about what I should do in a particular situation.

Just the other day I was having a situation in a busy grocery store where I needed to leave immediately to get home to get our house ready for a showing.  My cart was full and there was no way I could wait in line to pay, make it home, put stuff away AND clean the house AND leave again all within an hour all while taking care of Lily.  I was proceeding kind of numbly as I aimlessly drove my cart along toward the milk section (I was at least going to put my milk back while looking for a staff person to explain my delima to...I'm telling you I felt bad about abandoning my full cart of groceries!)

Anyways, there I was, my head spinning with all I needed to do in order to clean up our post-vacation-laundry-piles-stuff-all-over house, when I saw the smiling face of my friend, Sara.  She was excited to see Lily and I just blurted out our problem and the very first words out of her mouth were "How can I help?"  Seriously!  I was just blown away.  She offered several suggestions and then eventually helped me by taking our three jugs of milk back to the milk case for me.  I was frazzled, a little sweaty and a whole lot of stressed and her little act of kindness saved me several minutes which helped me to get our house presentable in the last possible minutes! 

It was the smallest thing, but her words and gesture of kindness is still resonating with my heart today.  I long to be kind, I really do.  I'm working on it, I really am.  I'm deeply touched by it and my heart is always changed by kindness.  I love it and seeing it in action is certainly a sweet thing in life.

To read another post I wrote on my old blog about other random acts of kindness click here.  I'm telling you, kindness is so cool!

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