Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 18- Inspiration

I remember exactly when it was that I first started reading and loving blogs- and not just the blogs of people I knew personally.  It was the summer of 2009, in August, just a couple of weeks before learning of Luke's diagnosis.  (Understandably, everything in that season of my life is as vivid as if it just happened last week!)  I remember clicking around, jumping from blog to blog (easily done via various blogger's list of blogs they love etc) and I came across this amazing blog (http://angiesmithonline.com).  At the time, I had no idea who this person was but I remember that I had to stop reading it because I was sobbing. I was just about 20 weeks pregnant with my (so I thought at the time) healthy baby boy and I was reading her story of losing her daughter and how she carried her to term...and the grief and loss. And well, I just could not imagine anything that awful happening.  It was way too much for my heart to take and so I clicked away from her site and tried to regain my composure before heading into my next appointment.  It wasn't until later that upon reflection, I could see God's providence in leading me to her blog that day...that simple click has continued to help shape who He is making me into today.

Flash forward a few weeks, my entire world has shattered with news that we would lose our beloved Luke, and I remember thinking about Angie's blog. At the time, I could not remember her name or her blog address to save my life, but I knew I had to find it because she was the only person I knew of who could "talk" to me and "tell me" her story of going through what I was about to endure.  I spent a lot of time trying to retrace my cyber steps to how I found her, and eventually I found her blog again.  I spent hours reading her story and learning about her beautiful family and especially her daughter, Audrey.  Angie was such an inspiration to me- she was someone I could look to, check in on through her blog and see that she had not only survived losing her daughter, but was building a happy life for herself on the other side of that loss.  I still love to check in with her and see what God is doing in her life today.  She gave me so much hope and I know she has for many others as well.  Angie, although she has no idea who I am, through the power of her words, has impacted my life and was an anchor for me during the greatest storm of my life. I will be forever grateful to her and her daughter, Audrey.  I pray that Luke has had the joy of meeting her in heaven.  Thank you, Angie...with all my heart.

That experience, was my springboard into my love of the blogging world and all of my online friends I have "met" there.  I am not the best comment leaver (I am REALLY working on that!) but there are so many cool, inspirational and exceptionally talented women out there just living life, raising families, honoring God, writing and connecting out there and I just love (and long to at the same time) to be a part of that. I have loved discovering so many wonderful blogs out there and tremendously enjoy posting here on Lassoing.  I have no idea who all stops by to read what I write here, but just know this, I'm so happy that you do and just want to thank you for sticking with me! 

People often ask me what blogs I love and who I read and I always feel scattered when answering that question because there are so many that I love (literally over 100 on my reader alone!...and no they do not all get read on a regular basis, but are just little bookmarks of things and friends I truly enjoy and who bring life and inspiration to my heart...) ....home decor/design blogs, motherhood blogs, DIY blogs, general inspiration blogs, faith blogs, writing blogs, photography blogs and of course my friends' blogs and even some people-I-don't-know-but-just-know-we-would-be-friends-in-real-life-and-just-love-their-blogs blogs! Like I said, I'm all over the board.  

My blog reading tends to take place in waves these days since Little Miss has arrived, but I always look forward to my catch up time when I can just sit and enjoy and look at the photos and marvel at the projects completed, and ooh and ahh over the room re-dos...I LOVE it and I always find my heart and spirit are encouraged and inspired afterwards....a feeling I'm certain is one of the sweet things in life- no matter who or what inspires you!

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  1. I'm here, reading! Sometimes I worry I might be stalker-y when I comment on stranger's blogs, but really commentint (to me) is a great thing! It lets other folks know that someone out there really appreciates all the time the writer took out of his/her day - and even though I don't know you in person, I appreciate you and your blog! I have a list I check about every other day - some real life friends, and some not. But I always get excited any time there is a new post to read...it's a lovely distraction from work ;)