Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 24- Recess

Taken from my back porch.  I had to take it quickly so that I would not look like a creepy predator, so please excuse the fence...I already cropped out a ton of wires... but you get the idea.
Was recess not the best part of your day when you were a little kid going to school? We currently live directly behind an elementary school and I LOVE when it is recess time.  My heart feels happy listening to the sound of children at play, the cheers, the yells, the whistles, the chanting around the tether ball game, the sight of swings, soccer games, kickball games, four square, tag and general monkey-ing around on the monkey bars.  It is one of the happiest sounds in the world and one I will genuinely miss when we move away.

I see kids running out to the playground as soon as they hit the door and they don't stop until that whistle blows.  Sometimes I wonder what I "run" toward in my days.  Do I build in time for genuine play in my days? I want to! I know it is an area I need to improve upon and one I look forward to improving especially now that Miss Lily is here to play with! 

I don't want to imply that I just sit in my house or on my porch and watch recess every day because well, that would be weird.  But- there are times when I watch out the window while washing some dishes, or I will take Lily outside onto the back porch because she LOVES to watch and listen to the kids playing.  Wherever I am in my house, I can always hear when it is recess time whether I'm looking outside or not, and I love that about this little house.  It is perched next to a great, loud and joyful noise several times a day.

I think recess is such a good metaphor for life- work hard, be focused when you have to, but when you get the chance, play hard, play fair, do your best and have a LOT of fun!  I love recess and it always will remain one of the sweet things in life- no matter how old you are!

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  1. I love watching my students at recess - they do just RUN and I often think to myself, "At what age does running stop being fun?" Because I certainly don't like running now! :) Maybe I should start referring to my exercise time as "recess!"