Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 31- Finishing Well

There is something to be said for finishing well.  One month ago, when I decided on a whim to challenge myself with this series, I was not sure what things would look like on this end of the month of posts.  What would I write about? When would I find the time to blog every day? I'm really happy that I listened to that nudge that told me to participate, because somewhere along the way, somehow, I feel like I found my writing a little bit again.  I have struggled with that off and on for several months- that feeling of being a little bit lost in what I wanted to say and the direction I wanted to go with my writing.  But since I entered into this challenge on a whim, I was not prepared and did not have my month's worth of posts beautifully written or prepared in advance the way so many other crazy talented people did who also participated in this journey.  And because of my lack of preparation, I had to sit down every day (well almost every day) and write, think and create....and it was soo good for me!  My posts were not perfect but they were honest with where I was during this journey.  I loved that I did this and will do it again next year on a different topic.  There is something about the feeling of finishing and accomplishing something that feels daunting, intimidating and big...even if you were not perfect.  It makes you feel a little bit stronger than you believed yourself to be...and that feeling- that with a little help and nudge from above- that you can become more than you imagine you can be and can accomplish more than you think- is one of the best things in life.  Here's to giving your heart and energy to something that challenges you and to finishing it well.  You can do it! 

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  1. I'm sad it's over! I enjoyed reading these, Sarah. :)