Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 21- Date Night

Tonight was special.  My parents watched Lily for us, we had a generous gift card to use and an entire evening before us.  We went to a special restaurant, sat in a cozy booth in the corner, had an appetizer, some wine and a delicious meal and great conversation.  Afterwards, we went to another favorite spot for some coffee and dessert.  It was so fun to have a reason to get "dressed up," to have something on the calendar we were both looking forward to all week and most of all to have the time to ourselves with no responsibility to fix or clean up the meal!  Having the gift card to help make it possible and knowing Lily was in such good hands made it even more fun!  We were both able to relax, laugh and enjoy each other's company without a care or worry in the world.  We laughed and said it was like the old days when we were dating.  Back then, I loved every minute of my time with Joe...and I still do.

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  1. Love it! Date Nights are hugely important...although we never do them enough. But I'm not sure any parents do. Good for you guys - your relationship is the foundation for Lily's development. So proud of parents who take care of themselves, too. Just be sure to do it enough :)