Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 29- Home Cooked Meals

Deirdre preparing a delicious feast...seriously de-lish!
There are times after a hectic day when it is nice to have some carry out for dinner or better yet, to actually GO out for a meal.  However, there is something extra delicious about a home cooked meal.  Ever since we got married, Joe and I have enjoyed cooking together and experimenting in the kitchen with different meals and preparation techniques.  It has been fun and we have learned a ton and have had some really yummy meals together as a result!  Making a menu, purchasing the necessary ingredients, and then preparing them according to the recipe takes time...sometimes more than you expect.  However, in our experience, the results are nearly always delicious and as an added bonus, you have the fun memories of slowing down, putting forth the effort and of being truly present for your meal together.  As for cooking with friends...well, just multiply the fun times fifty!  A beautiful, delicious home cooked meal is always one of the sweet things in life.

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