Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 26- Community

I tend to be more on the introverted side of the spectrum and my hubby tends to be more on the extroverted side.  We are a good balance for each other and we are able to give one another grace when one of us needs to either be at home or be out with some friends in order to feel recharged.  However, no matter where you may fall on the spectrum of people-ness, there is something so special about community...of knowing and being known.  It is a challenge to open your heart to be embraced by others and to embrace and love in return, but it is unbelievably worth it. 

I truly did not realize the full gift of community that God had blessed us with until we received the shattering news of Luke's diagnosis.  Suddenly in our darkest hours and days, we had so many wonderful, amazing, brave, true, honest, kind, generous and steadfast friends around us.  These people were a tangible reminder from above that there was simply no way the Lord was going to let us falter as we walked that path with Luke.  Daily he reminded us that we were not alone through the cards, gifts, meals, gatherings, prayers, encouragements, thoughtful conversations, warm hugs and time spent together with these was literally life sustaining for us.

It wasn't just during that season that God provided community when I needed it.  Looking back, as I have navigated my adult life, I can see I was given good friends when I needed them, friends in my same life stage and with my same beliefs when I was single, and now new mom friends as I begin to involve myself with the women's ministry at our's amazing how he brings such incredible people into your life just when you didn't realize you needed them as much as you do.  He gives us community and we get to enjoy and love them well.  God often blesses us through the people he brings into our lives...I know that to be absolutely true.  It's one of the sweetest ways he loves us.

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  1. the most amazing part about this as we experienced this journey with you was how you brought community to all of us as well - what I called "being hospitable in your pain." You have no idea the blessing that brought to each of us. -dan