Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 17- Special Seasonal Holiday Beverages

I admit, I'm a complete sucker for sweet treats. I do not claim to have a ton of self control when it comes to desserts, baked goods or candy.  BUT, I do make an effort to not order super fancy drinks at Starbucks unless it happens to be an especially special day or unless its during the holiday season (or if I have a gift card *Thank you, Molly!*). But even when its during the "holiday season" of Fall through New Years, I still do not treat myself all that often in this way because it is rather pricy and crazy calories! So, to kick off the 2011 season, I enjoyed my first "holiday" themed beverage - the Salted Carmel Mocha- and let me just say, it did not disappoint!  Special treats (especially holiday flavored ones!) are some of the sweet things in life- literally and figuratively!

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  1. Happiness is when the red cups come out at Starbucks (usually right after Thanksgiving) and getting a peppermint mocha. Granted, it's non-fat, no whip peppermint mocha, but it's still SO delicious!