Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days of Savoring the Sweet Stuff: Day 2- A Clean House

One thing I remember loving when I lived alone was the Sunday afternoon feeling of resting on the couch in a sparkling clean house.  On Sundays after church, I would always love to clean my little place from top to bottom, do all of the laundry, wash all of the dishes, go to the store- everything I could do to get ready for the upcoming week.  And then, I would love to just sit and relax on the couch savoring those few hours before the new week began and life took over once again.  A clean house (clean all at the same time) always brings a little bit of happiness to my heart.  Having your house all clean and picked up at the same time is hard to accomplish most days.  These days I usually tackle one or two rooms at a time and call it good for the day.  It also seems that it was much easier to accomplish back when I was single and there were not other people living here to distract me with their charms....

If you are a regular reader here, you know that these days, our house is on the market, so we have been living "lightly" as I like to think of it.  No big projects left out for days (or weeks, whatever!), no piles of "I'll read that later" left lying around on the counters and tabletops, no toys left spread out across multiple rooms, no leaving the house in a flash with dishes in the sink and sorted laundry left in piles. 

No. For the past several weeks, our house has stayed clean and for the most part, ready to show at a "moment's" notice.  Despite the effort and hassle of maintaining an always-clean-and-picked-up-house, it is a lovely thing to return home to after being out and about.  It seems that my heart rests a little bit easier when things are in their place and I have no guilt of "I should be dusting/vacuuming/sweeping etc." when sitting and reading a book in the afternoon....and it has been lovely.  

No, a clean house (although it requires a lot of effort) is one of the sweet things in life and often feels like you are giving yourself a gift in the process!  

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  1. Amen, sister! A sweet group of friends just came over last week to help me clean and I too have been enjoying waking up to and coming home to a clean house. Plus, it's so much more motivating to maintain a clean house than it is to clean a messy house. I'm liking these 31 days already. :)